About Us

We are a Canada-wide community of new and established entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, young professionals, students and leaders.

Core Values

We believe in constant personal growth, in giving back to the communities that helped shape us, and in advancing together towards a brighter future. Our core values are:

  • Innovation - Embracing change and unorthodox thought
  • Growth - Continuing to improve ourselves and others
  • Unity - Believing in strength through cooperation
  • Passion - Love for our craft and our mission

Mission Statement

We provide young and student entrepreneurs with the training and resources they need to develop professionally. We aim to support socially responsible startups and grassroots organizations across Canada in the early stages of their development through exposure to experts, aid with planning and direction in obtaining funding.


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Learn more about us by reviewing our constitution and bylaws at the link above. If you are interested in becoming a member, do not hesitate to register.