The charitable intitatives we undertake are a major part of our "raison d'ĂȘtre". Our members love and value their communities, and know that they are lucky to be able to improve them for others.


Learn about volunteer opportunities

Sign up as a member and be kept in the loop about volunteer opportunities local to your area. These sorts of events are not only fantastic opportunities to improve your community, but they are also a great venue to meet fellow members and share these rewarding experiences with similarly-minded people.


Find capable leaders

If you represent a Canadian company, and have positions of real import to fill, you will find no better candidates than the talented, driven and intelligent members of our association. We are always looking for opportuities to aid socially responsible, ethical corporations. It is our firm belief that connecting talented people to causes worth working towards will benefit all involved. If your company holds similar beliefs, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@bcentrepreneurs.ca

Professional Development

It is our firm belief that continuous growth is central to personal, mental, and spiritual well-being. One of our organization's main tenets is providing guidance to our members in living by this principle.

Continous Learning

As we truly believe in the improvement of our communities, professional development events hosted by our association are always open to all. Please be aware though, that if there is limited seating, association members will have priority in registering for the event. Upcoming events will be on a range of topics, including:

  • Business entities & incorporation
  • Corporate finances
  • Business law
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Presentation skills
  • E-Commerce

In addition to our own workshops, we aim to connect our members with the resources they need to develop professionally.

Competitive Differentiation

Participation in NEBCA will also allow members to expose themselves to local businesses through events, enjoy effective and meaningful networking, and allow themselves to distinguish their abilities in a real-world setting. To that end some competitions we plan on hosting in the future include:

  • Hackathons
  • Case competitions
  • Oratory contests
  • Mock elevator pitches
We also hope to seen be able to allow members to host bios online listing their contributions to various projects, thereby increasing their marketability and web presence.

These unique opportunities are only offered to members of the association, so be sure to register.

Industry Partnerships

We understand that staying on top of the cutting edge is the only way to thrive in a business environment. To that end, we take very seriously any opportunity to partner with any company or sponsor at the head of their market.

We are also always looking for local businesses with an interest in corporate social responsibility to join our network as sponsors. Interested parties will likely find it helpful to read through our values and policies, before contacting us at contact@bcentrepreneurs.ca. Any local organisation looking to partner with our not-for-profit will be entitled to a number of direct and indirect benefits. There are a number of services, beyond financement, that we hope our sponsors will be willing to provide us with.

Our Benefits

  • Exposure to local talent
  • Generous tax credits from provincial and federal government
  • Increased goodwill and brand awareness in the market
  • Access to internal surveys and focus groups
  • Satisfaction from helping improve your local community

Your Services

  • Presentations by speakers with experience in industry
  • Advice on areas on development for marketable real-world skills
  • Participation in roundtable branstorms and discussion groups
  • Adjudication in our in-house and public competitions
  • Assistance with networking and connecting talent with industry